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Garmin could be set to release a pair of fitness trackers in September according to a new set of FCC ID apps, with a new smart scale later in the year.

Two smartwatch requests were granted on July 14, plus one request for a scale, but what could they be?

In November 2019, a keen-eyed developer discovered a long list of new hidden devices in the installation files for the Garmin Connect app. Many of these were already available for purchase at the time of discovery, and more have since been released (including the new Garmin Tactix Delta Solar).

However, there are still several interesting names on the list, including a Garmin Forerunner 955 (after the flagship Forerunner 945) and a Forerunner 745 (a successor to the Forerunner 735 XT).

We can only make informed guesses at this point, but the list of detected devices in the Garmin Connect app lists two versions of the Forerunner 955 (standard and LTE), so we're inclined to believe that these are the two watches recently. approved.

There's also another mystery in the mix: what would the Garmin Forerunner 745 really be? The 735XT is a best-selling 'budget' triathlon watch, and it could be argued that it needs updating as it has been on the market for four years.

However, several watches in the Garmin Forerunner line can handle triathlon capabilities, including the Forerunner 645. That said, the 645 is labeled a "race watch" that can also handle cycling and running. swimming, where a 745 might contain some functionality. for triathletes who do not want to spend loads on the top of the line 945 or Fenix ​​6.

Documentation accompanying the FCC applications includes a request that photos of the new watches be kept secret until September 9, suggesting that this could be Garmin's planned release date. We will keep you posted once we know more.

Important questions

We can say with certainty that the new smart scale listed is Index Scale 2 (or Index S2), as mentioned in the exploded view of Garmin Connect APK. Garmin's original index scale was released in 2015 and an update is overdue.

As reported by Gadgets & Wearables, the scale documentation suggests that you will not only be able to calculate your weight, BMI, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, and body fat percentage, but also your frequency. heart rate and blood pressure.

It seems, however, that the scales could be released after the new watches. A privacy request requests that photos be kept secret until Garmin officially reveals the device, or 180 days after the request is accepted, whichever comes first.

The FCC's request was accepted on July 14, 2020, which would mean that the images are under embargo until January 10, 2021 at the latest. We can safely assume that Garmin wants to control the release of the S2 Index and therefore plans to release it before then.

The end of 2020 would definitely be a great time to launch a new scale as people start planning their New Years resolutions and planning to lose a few pounds at the start of the New Year.

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Source: Nicholas Margot (via email)

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