The latest Valorant update 2.09 is now available, introducing a new replication mode to the game. The new update also brings changes to Viper, as well as changes to the Breeze map.

Technical wait times have also been added that will allow teams to request a break in the middle of competitive play. Here's an overview of all the changes mentioned in the patch notes.

Valorant 2.09 update: what's new

Replication, which is the new added game mode, is a mode where a single agent can be selected multiple times. This is the best Spike mode with 80 second spins. It begins with a 45-second pistol round, with subsequent 30-second rounds. All players on the same team play with the same agent.

The selection of the agent is decided during the pre-match voting, and the skills, minus the last ones, are updated each turn with weapons and shield. Replication is available for two weeks until May 25.

Viper is balanced again, and this time with a nerf instead of a buff, as its smoke had gotten too strong with a -50 debuff for incoming enemies. Now resized to -30 for enemies going up in smoke.

As for the new Breeze map, it blocked view of the gaps above Mid-Wood and A Metal Doors. Player collisions in various locations on the map have also been smoothed out. The Breeze-only queue will end and Breeze will enter the standard unranked and competitive queue.

Tactical timeouts have been added to custom matches in Tournament mode, and two tactical timeouts can be requested per game, per team. Tactical timeouts last 60 seconds and freeze all player movement during the timeout. For technical breaks, the standard Pause Match Timer option is always available. In addition to these important updates, other bug fixes and general quality of life changes have also been added.

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