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Google has announced that it will soon change the way Google Docs presents documents, which could affect the way some Chrome extensions work in the company's browser.

In a new update to Google Workspace, the search giant explained that in the coming months it will be abandoning the HTML rendering approach currently used in Docs for a canvas-based approach.

While this update will improve performance and consistency in how content appears on different platforms in Docs, it may affect some Chrome extensions to the point that they no longer work as expected.

Canvas-based rendering

As is, some Chrome extensions rely on how the backend of a Google document is structured or specific snippets of HTML code to function properly. However, as Docs moves away from HTML rendering and begins to use canvas-based rendering, some extensions may not work as expected when using Google's office software and may require an update.

Before the change takes place, administrators should review all extensions currently deployed in their organizations and test them against this sample Google document using canvas-based rendering.

For those creating their own integrations with Docs, Google recommends that they use the Google Workspace plug-in framework in the future as it uses the Workspace APIs and supported integration points. This will ensure that you will have to do less work in the future to support periodic changes to the UI implementation in Documents.

However, if your organization has created its own private Chrome extension that it thinks will be affected and you cannot migrate to the Google framework, you can submit this form to provide feedback and alert your team.

Google Docs will slowly move from HTML to canvas-based rendering in the coming months so that people and organizations have enough time to prepare for the change.

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