Have you ever imagined turning your traditional bike into an electric bike by simply changing the front wheel? Although it may take some time to reach India, the idea for such innovation has already started in France.

Laurent Durrieu took the opportunity to take advantage of rejected and abandoned bikes to create an alternative to sustainable travel. The Teebike project was born when Durrieu, while on a tour of China, discovered an open dump or bicycle "graveyard" that parked thousands of unused abandoned bicycles with no hope of restoration.

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Make traditional bikes electric, like Teebikes

Incubated in 2019, Teebike, a French startup, manufactures wheels driven by an electric motor and equipped with Bluetooth, which can be easily mounted on the front of any bicycle, replacing the typical front wheel that turns it into a vehicle. electric. Different wheel size options include 20, 26, 27.5 and 28 inches. with disc and pad assisted brakes.

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The electric motor can reach up to 25 km / h with a battery of between 50 and 80 km, depending on certain factors, such as road conditions, the weight of the driver, the level of assistance used and the conditions. weather.

The Bluetooth system allows you to connect the wheel to your smartphone, allowing you to control the settings. The motor can also work without a smartphone. However, it will start automatically when the bike is started and will work according to the last used settings.

Your bicycle can also be used as a normal bicycle by turning off the engine. This means that you can simply paddle to move when the engine is off.

The battery, made up of several lithium batteries, can be charged by connecting it to the wheel axle. They have partnered with Cyclofix, another French startup that focuses on simplifying vehicle repair, service and maintenance. In the event that the battery needs to be replaced, the wheel can be sent to Teebike, and they will be back after installing a new one within a week. In case the replacement takes longer, the company also claims to provide the customer with a new wheel for temporary use.

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The Teebike wheel and bike are secured with security features, including an app-controlled lock, alarms, and anti-theft measures.

Teebike wheels are priced at € 750, and the cost to change the battery is € 200. The prices are lower compared to existing e-bikes in France and throughout Europe, which are priced higher at € 1,000 to € 2,500.

Teebike creates a positive ecological impact: the necessity

Teebike has partnered with Corepile for the efficient and safe recycling of its batteries. Abandoned and worn bicycles cannot be easily recycled or reused. The Teebike application can create a lasting environmental impact on the environment by reducing waste that is difficult to recycle and expanding the use of a cleaner alternative: electricity.

It is an inspiration for countries and governments to put innovation at the service of the sustainable adoption of alternative energies.

Bicycles are a sustainable means of transportation as they require less parking space, do not create unnecessary traffic, and of course emit less pollution than fuel-powered vehicles.

Given the short duration and range, it is obvious that it is intended for short distance travel. Some use cases can be the daily commute to university / school / office or moving within a range of up to 10 km around your home.

Also, it can be used in different age groups without the need for a driving license.

Teebike running on Indian roads

The Teebike has ecological benefits, creates a lasting environmental impact, and influences best practices. Sure, we need such alternatives in India, but will we soon see the Teebike working in the country? Yes, but to a lesser extent.

India has seen a rapid increase in rural-urban migration in recent years, which increased by almost 4% in 2018 and is expected to increase in the coming years. It is also an influential factor for the increase in road traffic in the country. India has exceeded the TomTom traffic index 2019, as reported by the Economic Times, which further increases the level of pollution.

An innovation like Teebike can allow the management of vehicle parking in offices, schools and residences while reducing the level of pollution caused. It will also reduce daily traffic during peak periods. Such technology is likely to become popular in all age groups, mainly due to the fact that the customer can use any bike according to comfort, need and budget and transform it into electric just by Replace the front wheel.

In India, the introduction of the Teebike will face comparisons with more popular two-wheelers in the field of electric bikes. The market has already seen the presentation of Touche Helio, Pure EV, Elektron Hybrid and Roulik Inizio.

Although the Teebike resonates with the uniqueness that turns any bike into an electric bike, it presents specific challenges when placed in an Indian market. The cost of owning a Teebike under current circumstances will be expensive due to factors such as fluctuations in international prices, import duties, and documentation costs. In addition, it will take time to establish a proper after-sales service infrastructure. On the contrary, customers can buy an electric bike at a much cheaper price. Also, the scope of performance is questionable due to the lack of good roads in the country.

It seems ideal for the French startup to start manufacturing in India, which will allow for cheaper Teebike options for the Indian public. Minimum requirements, such as the age of the vehicles, must be set for traditional bikes to ensure compatibility. Identifying the sources of rejected bicycles is also essential. India currently generates more than Rs 6000 crore per year in the junkyard sales market, which creates an opportunity for a startup like Teebike to do so in India.

However, it is certainly an invention that inspires adoption. With Teebike, bike enthusiasts can use the electric mode during hot spells to avoid breaking a sweat; They can switch between electric and traditional modes depending on the training routine, or carry more load using the motor, making pedaling easier.

Similarly, investing in green technologies is a good practice that the company can instill in consumers. It will be interesting to see how Teebike plans operations, pricing, and product awareness, if they decide to launch in India. Otherwise, can we see a similar startup from India?

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